Hyper Real Glow Palette/ SHIMMY PEACH

₹ 5,800.00
13.5 g

    Hyper Real Glow Palette/ SHIMMY PEACH

    A palette of three deep peach highlighters with a super-creamy powder formula.

    ₹ 5,800.00
    13.5 g
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    Three Highlighters, Deep Peach Shades, Soft/Creamy Formula
    Enter the next dimension with Hyper Real Glow! This palette packs three hues of highlight for supercharged sci-fi radiance. Warm up in this trio of deep peach shades recommended for deeper skin tones. With a super-creamy powder formula, shades blend effortlessly to leave an ultra-reflective, yet flawlessly smooth sheen.
    Country of Origin: Belgium / Canada / Czech Republic / Dominican Republic / France / Germany / Italy / Japan / South Korea / Mexico / North Macedonia / Poland / Switzerland
    Name of Mfg / Brand: Estée Lauder Companies
    Address of Mfg / Brand: the Estée Lauder Companies INC,767,fifth Avenue,New York,10153,United States of America

    Name and address of the importer - ELCA Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd, 202-206 Tolstoy House,15 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi 110001, India
    Shade Descriptions
    • Glow, Baby, Glow: Coppery gold pearl
    • Shimmy Peach: Peach pearl
    • Paradise: Copper pearl
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    Mfg Date (Use Before 36 months from manufacturing date): 11/2020

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