Matte lipsticks to rock out with. These instant icons make a scene, delivering an adrenalizing hit of colour in 28 rebellious shades. Amp it up with lime green, bright golden yellow, fiery fuchsia and rich, riotous teal. Or go even louder into the madness with a plum-tinged noir, deep forest green or a smoky lavender-grey. Colour yourself fearless.


Nothing wrong with getting a little dirty! These beautifully muddy hues strike just the right note of 90s nostalgia.


It’s a hit! Energize your look with seismic, danceable hues – from rave-ready fuchsia to smoky lavender-grey.


Get your blood pumping with fiery citrus hues that warm up any occasion.


From serene and tranquil to full of life, take a dip in cool hues that make waves from morning till night.