Gina Bettelli

United States
Started in 2000

About The Artist

For Senior Artist Gina Bettelli

it’s all about grunge. Championing 90s throwback looks that pay hommage to a youth spent in Seattle as a devoted Nirvana fan, she’s more of a t-shirt and last night’s lipstick kind of girl, rather than your preened and pampered glamourpuss. Still, she‘s showing us that dishevelled, gothy and grunge is a unique art form. Now, residing in Brooklyn, she’s taking life quietly, spending time with her husband, a chef, their two tabby cats and learning to play all of the instruments she enjoyed listening to in her teens. It’s nostalgia, but of the most innovative and groundbreaking kind.

Nana Knows Best

“My nana was my first introduction to makeup and glamour.  She always matched her nails to her lipstick and handbag to shoes. She cherished her makeup and would use her compacts and lipsticks down to a stub. Thanks to her, I started a makeup collection at the tender age of four. Pink Freeze Eye Shadow was my first M·A·C purchase and I loyally wore it lash to brow for years. It was the 90s and it was all about well-tweezed brows, minimal eye shadow, and a dark lip. I eventually discovered VIVA GLAM I Lipstick and completed my look.”

Highs and Lows

“I have a very angular face so the best way to balance my features is with highlighting. I love to highlight my cheekbones, bridge of nose, inner eye corners, and Cupid’s bow of my lips using Pearl Cream Colour Base.  My brows barely survived the 90s and need some animation to look balanced. I rely on Fling Eye Brows to fill in holes without looking too garish.”

Grunge Girl

“For evening I will play up the eyes with Smolder Eye Kohl and Bamboom Paints into a sultry smoky eye and glossed-up lips using Ample Pink Plushglass. It’s no surprise that my career highlight was working on the McQueen S/S 07 show. The makeup was statuesque porcelain skin with a whisper of Well Dressed Powder Blush. The collection was epic, backstage was chaos, and the team was magical. I’m also very happy about the 1920s revival going on in Brooklyn right now. There’s been a resurgence in round smoky eyes in tones of brown, cloche hats and art deco jewellery.”

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